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Since guests were always welcome in this house, it soon became clear that this house should be used for tourist purposes. We were actively supported by mutual friends who work in the fields of planning, interior design and decoration. 

Together, with a lot of passion and commitment, we have succeeded in creating a place of beauty, peace and security. It is important to us that our guests feel comfortable in this house and that the house conveys a feeling of "having arrived" and "being at home". Above all, the Aussee cosiness should be reflected and at the same time a top-class feel-good atmosphere should be created. 

In addition, the reference to the Altausseer Salzberg - the Sandling - could not be missing, since the valuable raw material salt, the Salzberg with its tourist attractions and the salt works have been and still are the employers at Thomanek for more than 75 years. The apartments Moosberg, Sandlingberg and Wasserberg are named after the individual tunnels. One or the other historical picture and some decorative objects come from the Altausseer Salzberg, which is so important for the entire Ausseerland. 

Since sustainability and foresight are essential virtues in mining, we have also tried to make this house sustainable and with foresight. Clear lines, simple and timeless design, natural materials such as wood, stone and loden, rearranged in the traditional Ausseer Dirndl colors (pink, purple and green), coupled with great attention to detail, were important to us. Just like functionality and the well-known feel-good factor.

Since our family is passionate about cooking, we also wanted to equip the kitchen with high-quality, functional high-end appliances. Noble cutlery, a uniform line of glasses, discreet crockery and funny and high-quality kitchen utensils round off this overall package. 

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